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Minutes March 22, 2017 | Minutes

Minutes March 22, 2017


Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday March 22, 2017
10:00 AM Tequila’s

Board Meeting Agenda

1. Greetings:

Andrew Winstom called the board meeting to order Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 10:00 AM at Tequila’s

2. Roll call-Quorum established:

Following board members were present Andy Winstrom, Michael Peiffer, Karen Searson, Patricia Jaksha, Thonda Oliver, Roger Stevens, Leonel Garza. All present. A quorum was established.

3. Treasurer Report 2017 YTD vs. budget:



Association income for the first two months of 2017 was 744,000 pesos (the equivalent of about $39,000 USD). Association memberships of 716,000 pesos nearly met our budget of 760,000 pesos for all of 2017. I feel confident that we will meet our membership goal.

As of February 28, 2017 a total of 83 home, 9 lot, 4 road donations and 18 small beautification donations have been made to the Association. Participation has increased over the same time last year.


Operating payments through February 28th, excluding projects, were 134,000 pesos (or $7,000 USD). Project payments were 38,000 pesos, ($2,000 USD) for the entrance road continuation and repairs. All payments were within budgeted amounts.

Positive net cash flow for the two months was 571,000 pesos ($30,000 USD).

Large unpaid costs that are known but are not reflected in the report are February guard service of 28,000 and legal fees of approximately 20,000 pesos for filings related to the annual meeting.

Cash balances at February 28th total 1,330,000 pesos ($70,000 USD) which includes the emergency reserve of 350,000 pesos ($18,000 USD).
This reserve was increased from 200,000 pesos to 350,000 at the annual meeting on February 2nd.

4. Five year Master Plan Update:

a. Landscape

Rocks, ice plants, palm trees and many bougainvillea have been added to the front entrance. The plants will be watered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Jerry Lebo and the guards and others have been actively involved in keeping the new plantings green and healthy. The plan is to get an irrigation system working as soon as possible.

Signage and painting light poles is on the list for next season.

Much progress has been made over the last five years. The cleanup does not need to focus so much on picking up trash. We are really into a beautification phase. Residents continue to monitor the areas around their home. This year residents worked on areas near their homes as well as those focus areas. When the trucks came around, there was a lot of yard waste to transport. Residents are getting into the routine and our hill is looking great.

b. Pavers and cement work

Ron Halverson #488 has Volunteered to manage the road projects.

Residents are interested in completing more roads with adoquin. Some projects suggested by residents are:

  • Estimate of expenses for Hildegard’s road.

  • Finish circle in front of Pat Sheaye’s house.

  • Complete the beginning and ends of Carbrillas by attaching it to Paseo Cameron and Langosta.

  • Taking the entrance a little further down the hill now that the light pole has been moved.

  • Use concrete when necessary to keep the Adoquin in place, especially on hilly areas. Using concrete barrier strips perpendicular to the road prevents slippage.

c. Abulon road

Karen Searson is collecting money for the Abulon Road project. Once the road is dug up and sand is being put down to keep the road smooth and keep the adequin from slipping, it is possible to replaced water lines and sewer lines as necessary.

d. Cabrillas road

Thank you to the many residents on Calle Returno Cabrillas (CR Cabrillas) who have added to our Easy Rider project. We appreciate your help. You are on our priority list to complete the corners of your road connecting you to Paseo Camaron (Heart Attach Hill) and Langosta. You have made a big difference in our five year plan. Any excess funds will be put toward the connection at Langosta.

. Langosta road

Mike Makoid #510 has been working with residents to raise donations for Langosta.

5. Architecture Committee report: George Anderson

Remodeling of Existing Structures (Including Room Additions):

Lot 359 Las Cabrillas - work continues but is ‘winding down’. Permits verified.

Lot 423 Abulon – Interior work is continuing (no conversation with workers, just casual observation) Unknown if permits were obtained.

Lot 440 Abulon – New room addition in the form of a guest casita with outside entrance at rear of existing house. Approved by Arch. Committee in Feb 2017. Plans submitted and permits obtained by Sanchez Arch. & Construction.

Lot 485 Hippocampo – Existing older home enclosed into a new outside ‘shell’…..Not known if permits were applied for since no communication established.

New Construction:

Lot 405 Abulon – New home construction continues.

Lot 408 Abulon – Plans submitted and approved by Arch. Committee. For new home Feb. 2017. Ground breaking or site prep. has not begun as of this report.

Lot 589 Camaron – Construction continues on enclosed parking structure and rooms below it.

Lot 609 Playa Road – Construction continues.

Lot 634 Playa Road – Construction continues.

Respectfully Submitted – March 22, 2017

George Anderson
Chair, Architectural Committee

Barbara and Randy Kafka #440 will be on the Caracol in the summer to join the Architecture Committee.

6. SEWAGE REPAIR UPDATE. Langosta and Cabrillas line repairs (Leonel Garza)

Leonel Garza will be working with CEA on sewage repair #535 -524, # 532 Cement pipes,
#497 -490 Sewage and potable water on high tech equipment and sewer. Plan with CEA.

Discussion of the Sewage collection tanks on the beach by #588. The pump was taken and has not been replaced yet.
Josh is looking into replacing two missing pumps and getting a spare.


The shut off floats on the upper pile had to be replaced because they were removed by someone. The wireless electronic pump controllers will be replaced in the next week. We have been waiting for the CEA to complete the electrical work around the Caracol.
Michael Peiffer and Art Lewis will have the trees and trash cut and cleaned up around the lower Pila.

8. Electrical Pole painting project

There are 65 or so poles throughout the Caracol. These are the ones we have the paint color voted on but need someone to organize teams to do the painting. After painting, they have to have the number stenciled back on (for the electrical company to match up to their map) with enough teams this could be a really fun day. New residents to the Caracol Shari and Dan Bohlmann #429 have volunteered to lead/organize this project.
We need volunteers for this project.
Mary is looking for artists who would enjoy designing a design for an individual light pole. It could be an exciting project and add interest and excitement for our neighborhood. Contact Mary Reed.

9. New street signs and numbers.

This project would require a group to research a vendor to make the signage (possibly Rogelio) take out old signage, and install new signage. This group would need to decide where the signage would go, what they would say, how many there would be, what style they would look like, replace or paint street name signs.
Mary and Tom Reed have volunteered to lead/organize this project. We need volunteers for this project

10. Adjournment Motion

Michael Peiffer moved that the meeting be adjourned. Karen Searson seconded it.
Motion carried.
Meeting was adjourned 11:03 AM