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Minutes June 15, 2016 | Minutes

Minutes June 15, 2016


Board Meeting Agenda
June 15th, 2016
10:00am Tequila‚s

Greeting, call meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.
Roll call-Quorum established. Andrew Windstorm, President; Patricia Jaksha, Secretary: Speakers: Paulette Penner, Thonda Oliver, and Roger Stevens were all present.
Treasurer Report 2016 YTD vs. budget.

June 15, 2016


Association income through May 31, 2016, was 1,497,058 pesos (the equivalent of about $83,000 USD). This includes 756,746 pesos (or $42,000 USD) that has been donated for entrance construction and specific road projects. In addition, 51,082 pesos was donated specifically for security guard service. Association memberships of 670,000 pesos met our annual budget of 560,000 pesos.

As of May 31, 2016, a total of 89 home, 11 lot, 12 entrance and 38 road donations have been made to the Association. Membership fees in total pesos compared with last year still reflect a strong dollar, however, member participation is just slightly lower than the same period last year.


Operating payments through May 31, 2016, excluding projects, were 159,722 pesos (or $8,800 USD). Project payments were 674,077 pesos, ($36,000 USD) for both entrance and road projects. All payments, with the exception of legal fees, were within budgeted amounts.

Positive net cash flow for the first quarter was 663,258 pesos ($36,000 USD), including 266,800 pesos donated and designated for specific unpaid projects.

Cash balances at May 31, 2016 total 1,188,548 pesos ($66,000 USD) which includes the emergency reserve of 200,000 pesos ($11,000 USD). This reserve was increased by 40,000 pesos from 160,000 pesos to 200,000 at the Association annual meeting in February 2016.

Master Plan update:

The installation of Adoquin is finished from CR Cabrillas, lot 547, to the top of Paso Camaron, lot 618. This new section of road now ties in with Las Cabrillas, making a continuous paved road of Adoquin from the entrance to the base of Heart attack hill. The new section was financed by the residents of CR Cabrillas. This is a major upgrade for a particularly rough section of cobbles. Work is also underway on CA Camaron from lot 596 to lot 587.

Entrance area.

We are going to start a modification to the entrance. To ensure that we don't experience a catastrophic wash out at the bottom of the entrance, similar to what happened 4 years ago, some additional concrete is going to be laid at the bottom of the pavers on the entrance slope. We had hoped to leave one lane on the entrance open but it was logistically not feasible.

Architecture committee report – Anderson.

Architectural Committee Report - 15 June 2016

Construction continues on new homes on Lots 405, 609, and 634; new garage / casita build at Lot 589, and garage remodel at Lot 529; and a new carport build at Lot 491.

Control Urbano has started requiring building permits for open-sided covered carports, effective 1 January 2016. Urbano said that the city was losing quite a bit of revenue because people would build an open-sided, covered carport and then later would enclose it into livable space. They indicated that the permit cost for an open-sided carport was much less then even a garage or a
room addition.

Control Urbano has indicated they are also looking into the possibility of requiring a building permit for swimming pools, because a number of poorly built pools in Guaymas have collapsed and caused damage to neighboring homes. Initially, they will be just ‚Äòinspecting‚ them to be sure that the materials and construction are up to standards.

Construction continues at a work-site that Control Urbano
requested the owner to apply and receive their building permit; but that owner obtained the needed application by going downtown to Control Urbano but still has not returned the paperwork or paid for or received their building permit as of 3:00 PM yesterday (Tuesday).

Respectfully Submitted 15 June 2016

George Anderson
Chairman, Caracol Arch. Comm.

Resolution to repair Sewage Pump Tank on bay below Pink house.

Bid Date: 5/2/16 Estimated Start Date: 5/9/16 Estimated Completion Date: 5/28/2016
Total Cost: ($2,050US) MP$35,460 + IVA = $41,133.6
“Be it resolved to accept Sonora Vista Constructions 5/2/16 bid to repair the sewage collection and pump station as attached.

The vote was 5 for and 0 against. The motion passed.

Adjournment Motion. Patricia Jaksha moved to Adjourn. Paulette Penner Seconded it. Meeting adjourned.