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Minutes April 12, 2016 | Minutes

Minutes April 12, 2016

Board meeting Tuesday April 12th at 10:00 AM at Tequila's

Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Greeting

Andy Winstrom called the meeting to order at 10:10 am at Tequila's Restaurant

2) Roll call

Following board members were present Andy Winstrom, Michael Pieffer, Karen Searson, Patricia Jaksha, Thonda Oliver, Paulette Penner, absent Roger Stevens. A quorum was established.

3) Treasurer Report & Membership/Contributors update 2016 YTD vs. budget.


Association income for the first quarter of 2016 was 986,292 pesos (the equivalent of about
$56,000 USD). This includes 441,700 pesos (or $25,000 USD) that has been donated tor the
entrance construction and specific road projects. Association memberships of 545,000 pesos
nearly meet our budget of 560,000 pesos for all of 2016. In April, we did surpass the budgeted
membership fee income.

As of March 31, 2016 a total of 75 home, 8 lot, 9 entrance and 25 road donations have been
made to the Association. Although revenue has increased primarily due to a strong USD
exchange situation, participation is lower than the same quarter last year.


Operating payments through March 31 st, excluding projects, were 50,040 pesos (or $2,800
USD). Project payments were 314,279 pesos, ($18,000 USD) for both entrance and road
projects. All payments were within budgeted amounts.

Positive net cash flow for the first quarter was 621,973 pesos ($35,000 USD) with a little less
than half of that amount designated for future road projects.

Large unpaid costs for the first quarter that are not reflected in the report are as follows:

60,000 pesos due to the entrance contractor,
20,000 pesos for March security services
30,000 pesos for legal fees for filings related to the annual meeting.

Cash balances at March 31st total 1,147,262 pesos ($65,000 USD) which includes the
emergency reserve of 200,000 pesos ($11,000 USD). This reserve was increased trom
160,000 pesos to 200,000 at the annual meeting in February.

4) Road update for 2016 and additions to be completed in 2016.

We are beginning to pave Carabrills from lot #547 (on the west side of the road) and #348 ( on east side of road) to Paseo Camaron. This extension of the pavers in being funded by contributions from the residents along this section.

Also, pavers will be placed starting from lot #596 on Camaron to Lot #587. This is being paid for by the residents along this section.

There was a discussion about the power poles located below the new entrance. One pole is located directly in front of the exit side of the new casita. We would like to move the pole to the side so that people leaving the Caracol do not have to move to the left to go around it. CFE wants the association to pay for moving the single pole and the replacement of a second pole that is leaning but poses no traffic interference. Michael Pieffer suggested that this was a important safety concern and moved that investigation of the relocation of the pole be prioritized. Karen Searson seconded. The motion was approved 5 for -1 against.

Dave Jaksha suggested that a barrier be placed in front of the pole to make it more visible.

5) Landscaping entrance by Reed’s for discussion.

Tom and May Reed discussed the construction of a new wall west of the new entrance. The proposed wall will be approximately 20 ft. long and 5 feet night. Sufficient funds have already been allocated for this project. Tom Reed will manage the project.

6) Architecture committee report – Anderson.

Three lots were requesting a variance. #589, #529, and #635.

Lot #589 which belongs to Jim Straw. NO setback on North side of lot (next to Terry Chunis) ........and setback in front (east side) of .53 meter the variance is for removal of the 1 meter requirement for the side and a reduction of the 3-meter requirement for the front.
This is acceptable to the neighbors. It was moved by Andy Winstrom to approve the variance. Seconded by Michael Pieffer. Passed by 6 for - 0 against.

Lot #529 owed by Al and Micheal Dodson is requesting a variance to extend the depth and width of existing garage. Two variances approved for NO setback on the south side of garage to the property line (next to Gwen Bouschor) and a reduction of the 3-meter front setback by 2 meters (netting a one meter setback)
The neighbors are ok with the variance. Andy Winstrom moved to approve the variance, it was seconded by Michael Pieffer. Passed 6 for- 0 against

Lot #635 owned by Marcela Sotomayor.

She wants to build a wall around the property with a home to be placed in the South east corner. The property entrance to be placed North West quadrant. She is requesting a 1 meter variance to put the wall on the rear property line ( east-side). She also request a 1 meter variance to go to the property line ( South side)
Andy Winstrom moved that the rear setback be approved but the side setback be denied. Seconded by Paulette Penner. Passed 6 for- 0 against

7) Caracol security 2016.

A presentation was made my Jose Carlos Lugan Copado from Hermisillo regarding Shield security at the entrance to the Caracol. He suggested we ask for a proposal from Sergio Calzales regarding infrastructure on the Caracol.

Resolution #1 Be it resolved that the Caracol continues, on a month to month basis, indefinitely to provide front entry in-person security by Shield Security, to evaluate the experience and determine if there is an improvement in the tranquility, security and safety of the residents of the Caracol Peninsula. Andy Winstrom moved that we accept the resolution and it was seconded by Paulette Penner. Passed 6 for- 0 against

Resolution #2. Be it resolved that the Association further research and seek a proposal from Sergio Calzales to provide guidance regarding the infrastructure of the Caracol Peninsula.
Andy Winstrom moved that we accept the resolution and it was seconded by Paulette Penner.
Passed 6 for- 0 against

8) Adjournment Motion.

Paulette Penner moved that we adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Andy Windstorm.
Meeting was adjourned.

General Q&A Forum.