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Minutes March 14, 2018 | Minutes

Minutes March 14, 2018

Wednesday March 14, 2018 10:00am Tequila’s

1. Greeting, call meeting to order at 10:10 A.M.

2. Roll call - Quorum established. Present: Andrew Winstrom, Pat Jaksha, Karen Searson, Tom Reed, Thonda Oliver. Absent: Michael Peiffer and Roger Stevens.

3. Approval of minutes for the January 23, 2018 Board meeting. First motion, Tom Reed. Second, Thonda Oliver. Minutes approved.

4. Treasurer Report YTD vs. budget. 2017 total participation houses and lots 123. 2018 YTD participation houses and lots 75. That is 61% of our 2017 total as of February 28, 2018. A plan was established for a volunteer team including Deb Geisler, Pat Jaksha and Karen Searson with Mary Reed’s help, to contact last year’s participants and non-supportive families. Our contacts will utilize, letters, emails in Spanish and English, phone calls, posters and personal visits.

TREASURER’S REPORT for February 28, 2018

Association income for 2018 through February 28, 2018, was 618,981 pesos (the equivalent of about $34,000 USD). This includes 85,958 pesos that was donated for specific road projects. In addition, 2,265 pesos were donated for water projects. Association memberships of 532,000 pesos are approximately 63% of our annual budgeted amount of 840,000.
Dues paid through February 28, 2018 represents 64 home and 11 lot memberships. In addition there were 18 road donations, and 4 other donations that were made to the Association.
Other income (loss) represents an exchange loss at month end from cash balances maintained in U.S. dollars. We have a U.S. dollar bank account at Cibanco as well as U.S. dollar balances at PayPal.


Operating payments for the two months ended February 28, 2018, were 94,000 pesos. Project payments were 37,000 pesos which through February were entirely road projects.
Net cash flow for the two months was a positive 486,000 pesos.
Cash balances at February 28, 2018 total 1,217,535 pesos ($67,000 USD) and that does include the emergency reserve of 500,000 pesos ($27,000 USD). This reserve was increased by 150,000 pesos from 350,000 to 500,000 at the Association’s annual meeting in February 2018.

5. Update on the 2018 project to clarify and harmonize the Caracol Protection Rules for Construction and Use of Property.
Resolution to adopt the 2018 revisions. Last revised 2004.
Before adoption, the clarifications and changes need to be accepted by Guaymas City Council and the state office of Sonora.
The committee asked that comments and suggestions be submitted in writing to the Chair Randy Kafka prior to April 1st 2018. Upon committee review of the questions and comments a red-lined version will be submitted to the Board for consideration in April 2018.

6. A comment was made concerning a conflict of interests.
It was explained that, if there could be a presumption of a Conflicted Director or Officer, that that individual would have to recuse him/herself from the discussion and vote.
Variance and Conditional Use Permit request for Lot number 424.
Sanchez Brothers made a presentation to the Board requesting a side lot and front lot set back variance for lot 424, although they started construction without the proper building permits. After consideration and discussion the Board approved the requested variance with the contingency of notification of the adjoining neighbors on the east and west sides.

7. Discuss estimate and options for repair of CEA’s Lower Pila.
Repair: 5 proposals by 2 construction companies were reviewed by the Pila Committee and presented to the Board. They ranged from 36,000 pesos for a 5’ wall to 500,000 pesos for a system that utilized 50,000 liters of upright plastic storage containers.
The Board deliberated and accepted a 136,000 pesos estimate by Sonora Vista Construction which in-conjunction with CEA will double the present pila water capacity by building a new 5+foot high pila utilizing Hydraulic Cement, providing access lids for future cleaning access and refurbishing plumbing, and pump controls and cleaning the exterior area. The project is slated to start and be finished in May 2018. All contingent on CEA’s participation.

8. Discuss Caracol Clean-Up Day March 21st.
Volunteers needed. Six workers will be hired to help with planting and clean up. Residents put brush and bulky items out on the road. Two dump trucks will be available to be loaded by workers and volunteers and take waste to the dump. There will be one more truck needed to complete the project if needed.
Volunteers and workers will plant trees, created rock rivers and thin and replant areas at the Neighborhood entrance. Thank you Tom and Mary Reed and all who help. It is a great ongoing project.

9. Update on road projects.
All of Abulon has been fully funded. A dozen $1,000+ donations make a big difference on a large project like Abulon. One lot contributed 100+ meters of the road. Two contributions, each in excess of 1,000 usd came from people who do not live on or need to drive on Abulon. Their contributions were made because they felt this was a main road and the neighborhood would be a better place if the road was finished.
Well done neighbors! A big thanks to volunteers: Ron Halverson for managing the project on a daily basis. It is a huge job with a lot of moving parts. Thank you to Mary Reed and Barbara Kafka for fundraising and Karen Searson for not only fund raising for Abulon but also dealing with ordering and accounting for the paver purchases. If you see them give them and all who made it possible a big thank you. Camaron contributors have decided to direct extra funds to make the top of the Beach road solid pavers. Due to the traction issues that the cobbles create and the steepness of the road, the beach road has needed major road and water repair. Thanks to Camaron neighbors fund raising contribution we will begin to improve the beach road. Volunteers are invited to be part of this project since we and our friends use the beach. Also, volunteers for fund raising for Longosta are invited to join the Langosta Road project. (It is suggested that participation will be tough. Prove them wrong.) This is the Caracol’s longest stretch of road left to be done. Let’s band together and make it happen.

10. Update on Easter week security protocol for the Caracol.
Guards will be stationed at the top of the beach access road from 10 AM until the beach is closed at 7 PM. The recreation area (beach) will be limited to a certain number of families to keep it a SAFE, CLEAN, SECURE and an Enjoyable environment for families. Vehicles will be limited on the access road, allowing emergency vehicles passage for both the visitors and residents protection. The Association will pay for the beach toilet and have it cleaned each day for the publics benefit to keep the recreation area Clean and Safe.
Two guards will be stationed 24 hrs/day at the Caracol entrance. This will provide enhanced coverage during the busy part of the day and evening. Passes for residents, visitors and maintenance personal should be displayed in their vehicles. After 11 PM (the beginning of quite time on the hill) residents are encouraged to call the guard house phone number (226-1040) to report loud parties that interrupt the peace and safety of the neighborhood. The guards will call the police.

11. CEA’s Upper Pila: re-visit the 2017 plan to update and repair.
A discussion was had regarding establishing a 3 year plan to materially improve the Caracol water system. Year 1. It was agreed by an earlier vote that the Association would spend 140,000 pesos to tear down and rebuild the lower pila doubling its water capacity.
Year 2. Donations would be used to build a second upper pila doubling the upper Pila’s capacity. Year 3. Donations would be used to commission the new upper pila and decommission the old one for cleaning, resealing, new valves and raising the pumps and electric to above the surface for easier access and better protection. Possibly looking at adding an ultra violet purification to the system.
After this has been accomplished, the Caracol would have approximately tripled its current storage capacity, improved pressure pumps (submersibles) and would be the only neighborhood to provide purified water in all of Guaymas/San Carlos neighborhoods. That would make the Caracol a more attractive place to live.
After the lower pila project is completed the next two year plan will be solidified and fund raising will begin. Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

12. Motion to adjourn meeting. First - Tom Reed. Second Pat Jaksha. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted. Pat Jaksha, Secretary, Caracol Association