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Caracol clean up 2014 | News

Caracol clean up 2014

March Clean up at the Caracol

March 4 and 5, 2014 were busy days on the Caracol! A group of 30 very motivated workers, tackled various sites throughout the Caracol. The goal was removal of yard waste, much of which has been a buildup of debris for many years, and a concern for fire safety and sanitation. By noon time on the 4th, all the sites had huge mounds of organic waste pulled to the curbs. Thanks to the generosity of several homeowners, dump trucks, along with workers, began the job of debris removal onto the trucks. By the end of the day on March 5, five large dump truck loads had been filled and hauled to the local Sanitorio. Volunteers were able to complete the beach, road areas, some open lots and even extra areas not in the original plan! This was a job well done, and an opportunity for people to work together, meet a common goal, and visit while they worked!

A special thanks to Jeff and Lydia Chase for working with Hector Padilla to provide a large dump truck and crew of 4, free of charge, for the extra day of removal. Señor Padilla was at the last General meeting, to inform residents of the fundraising and building of a Fire Station for the San Carlos community.

Kudos and thanks to the following workers and those who donated funds for a second dump truck, tips for truck crews, garbage bags, refreshments, use of tools and project organization:

Andy and Bev Winstrom
Mike and Janet Peiffer
Ken and Deb Geisler
Tom and Mary Reed
George and Grace Sutton
Thonda Oliver
Pad Finnegan
Jim Straw
Bob Hicks
Dee Searson
Howard Lambert
Wally Duggan
Sonja and Earl Harris
Jerry and Sher Jaksha
Barbara Anderson
Marty Starick
Mary and Jeff Sprague
Paulette Penner
and Enrique!