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Streetlight repair


Lighting Repairs in Caracol

An inspection in the fall of 2013 revealed that close to 50% of all lights in Caracol were out. Through the first few months of 2014, we heard from a lot of residents reporting on the lights being out and the obvious potential safety/comfort issues the situation created. The situation was growing more desperate as Public Works was unable to attend to the repairs for lack of resources.

A proposal to repair all lights in Caracol was submitted to the Board. The Comisario was contacted to solicit his help in, not only obtaining the cost for replacing the three main components of the lighting system: the bulb, the photocell and the ballast, but also to solicit the support of the Public Works dept. in Guaymas to schedule the necessary work. Replacing these parts would provide a respite in future repair needs to maybe 2-5 yearsMr. Efrain Lopez, our Comisario, obtained a very reasonable quote through a local hardware store in Guaymas for a cost of less that $50 per light pole. In the 3/8/14 Board meeting, the proposal was approved by the Board for the replacement/repair of 30 of the 62 existing lights. A total of $1500 usd was allocated by the Board for this expense. Without the Association’s funds the lighting repairs would not have occurred this year.


The 30 light parts were purchased and the repair was started on 3/19/14. The repair included the replacement of the three parts with new parts, independent of whether they were working or not, and the establishment of new connections to the electrical supply at the pole. New hardware, including lamp arms and lenses, was installed in several poles (4W, 4D, 5I) that were missing, defective or in need of repair. This hardware was obtained from existing parts the Association had in storage. One of the poles (6J) by Heart-attack hill had to be repaired manually by ladder as the angle of the road would not allow the truck equipment to function. Other lights (5V, 4K) that were not scheduled to be replaced where repaired with used parts.

For historical purposes, the following is the information on the purchased parts:


BULB: Sanlight - LU100/ED23.5/E39
High Pressure Sodium Lamp 100W
Mfger: Sanlight S de RL de CV
Cafe #3888 Col. La Nogolera
Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico CP 44470
RFC: SAN- 130131-CV6

PHOTOCELL: Tork Electro Sistemas, SA de CV
Fotocontrol, Modelo 2024
Voltaje: 208-277V - 50/60hz
2 year guaranty
Mfger: Tork Electro Sistemas, SA de CV
Av San Lorenzo, No 279-1C
Col Centro de la Estrella C.P. 09860
Mexico, DF. Tel. 56133105



971-OS-S0100/Normal 100W
127/220v 1150/0.635A 60hz
Balastro Tipo Auto Transformador
Auto Regulado Alto Factor
De Potencia para Lampara de Vapor de Sodio
Mfger: Industrias Sola Basic, SA de CV
Calz Javier Rojo Gomez #510
Col Leyes de Reforma C.P. 09310
Mexico, DF. Tel 58-04-20-20

An inspection of all repaired poles was done each night confirming that all repairs were successful. A used sample of each of the three parts is available for inspection by any resident. A log was kept which contains specific pole by pole documentation of the maintenance performed. In the future, repairs will be scheduled based on available funds and a job order of at least 10 defective poles.


Our thanks go first to the Comisario for making it all happen by negotiating the best quote, obtaining the price fix for the quantity purchased and the scheduling of the workers from Public Works. We are grateful also to David Delgado from Public Works for providing the workers to do the repair work for the time that it took to complete the project. Thanks to the Board for understanding the need and providing the funds for the purchase of the lighting parts. Thanks also to our neighbor, Dick Lanning, for helping with the fall light inspection and contacting the Comisario at that time.

We are happy to report that our Caracol is now alight and well!