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Board meeting

March 27, 2020 Board meeting
at Jerry Libo’s #402 on the Caracol at 10am

Board Meeting Agenda
March 27th 2020
10:00am outdoors Lot number 402 Abulon at Libo’s
(in the spirit of social distancing).

  1. Greeting, call meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.

  1. Roll call-Quorum established.

  1. Approval of January 21, 2020 Board Minutes.

  1. Treasurer Report 2020 YTD actual vs. 2020 budget.

  1. Membership update.

  1. Langosta road project update.

  1. Caracol road below front entrance improvement project plan-Al Dodson.

  1. Need Volunteer supervisors to oversee Tomas during the remaining 2020. 1 day/week for each road and entrance work.

  1. Volunteer for a Chairperson to organize a Caracol Clean-Up day in April. Arrange for trucks, personal, front-end-loader and volunteers. Can Consult with Tom and Mary Reed for historical guidance.

  1. Street light update from Mike Lane.

  1. Volunteer to oversee the upper pila pumps and electrical in Josh’s absence.

  1. Resolution to accept revised 3/27/2020 Architectural fee schedule effective April 1st 2020 and supporting Procedures and documents.

Important information