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State of the entrance... | Caracol Assn Web site

State of the entrance...

At the time I wrote the November newsletter, I was pretty confident we would  soon have the new gate open to traffic. But, as soon as I sent out the newsletter things changed.   

There are two things currently holding things up.  The first is that we had some disagreements with the contractor we had hired to build the new entry. He was vetted before we hired him, and had good recommendations. But after starting construction, he kept wanting more money, for things that we considered already covered by the contract bid. After much back and forth, the contractor has been let go. Mexico requires us to jump through several legal hoops to terminate the old contractor.  A new contractor is ready to start very soon.    

The second issue is that we have two residents with large RVs. We have redesigned the entrance to allow for a flat landing area for vehicles entering and exiting the Caracol. That means that as the road transitions from the flat to the slope, there must be a corner or drop in the road. The problem is that the RVs have a very low ground clearance. When the RVs cross the transition, they have to potential of dragging. We were aware that this could be a problem and had tried to allow for this when designing the new road. The engineers thought the grade would work. But, when we finally got a chance to measure the RVs and model them on the new entrance, we decided changes had to be made. In the end, the road grade has to be modified to accommodate these RVs. That is part of what the new contractor will be working on. One aspect of this is the added cost to regrade the road.  It amounts to a few thousand dollars. The monies to build the new entrance come entirely from donations from a few
residents. No monies from the Caracol Association dues are being used for the construction.  One of our residents has agreed to defray part of the regrading cost if the RV owners will contribute $1000 each.  We were just told that the RV owners have signed off on the road modifications, so the hope is we can get started again soon.

Happy Holidays to all...

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