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Board meeting 11_13_2020 | Caracol Assn Web site

Board meeting 11_13_2020

Board Meeting Agenda
November 13th 2020
10:00am San Carlos Yacht Club
(we encourage when appropriate,
proper social distancing and PPE)

  1. Greeting, call meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.

  1. Roll call-Quorum established.

  1. Approval of June 25, 2020 Board Minutes.

  1. Ratify Roger Stevens to the Architecture Committee Chairperson.

  1. Update Architecture Committee documents regarding Variance requests, Construction reports to Guaymas,
  1. financial arrangements with the Consulting Architects and other items the Committee wants to comment on.
  1. Spraying of Caracol roads for weeds and grass.

  1. Beatification Committee update including street sign project-Tom and Mary Reed.

  1. Street light and road repair update-Mike Lane.

  1. Welcome to the neighborhood packets-Anne Lewis

  1. Variance request for #417 Diaz (money received, documents provided and site visit complete).

  1. We are aware of an in-process Variance request for #429 Bohlmann (pending timely receipt of money, documents and site visit).

  1. Wellness Center overt commercial operation on the Caracol.

  1. Adjournment Motion.

Post Board Meeting open discussion.

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