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Caracol water 10_12_2019 | Caracol Assn Web site

Caracol water 10_12_2019

From Josh Douglas

This morning there is water coming into the lower pila.  The lower pila is at 10-20% and the lower pump was on Automatic and off due to the low level sensor interrupting the circuit due to the low water level in the pila   .  The lower pump clearly ran over night, because there was sufficient water in the upper pilas for the upper pila pump to come on at 6am as programmed.  The upper pila levels was 20-25% with no water coming in.  Today, we can expect the lower pila pump to cycle on and off as water is available.  Because the water has been off for nearly two weeks, tinacos are low or empty, pools are lower, plants are dryer, everyone needs water.  So the lower pila will pump water when there is water to pump, we will receive water as the lower pila pump cycles on  and off.  The upper pila pump, today, will likely shut off around 9-10am and will not come on again until the lower pila pump can pump enough water to raise the level in the upper pilas.  Gravity will draw the water down in the upper pilas while the pump is off, so those of you on the upper streets will see sporadic water delivery until the entire system nears capacity.

If this helps, allow me to explain how the system works when the system starts from empty.  When the lower pila water level is low and the water begins to fill it, there is a low level sensor that is installed to protect the pump from running dry and burning the pump out.  As the water level rises in the lower pila, it will eventually turn the pump on.  When the pump is turned on by the sensor the pila is NOT full (25% more or less) and the pump will begin pumping water out to us.  However, typically the water pumps out quicker than the water comes in, so the water level will drop with time and the pump will turn off again until the level rises to 25% again, when the pump will turn back on.  So this cycle will repeat itself until, theoretically, everything that needs water is filled, at which point the upper level sensors will turn the pumps off so the pilas do not overflow.  However, CEA is now rationing water and we get water in 12-24 hour cycles several times a week.  So the possibility exists that CEA will turn the water off again before everything is filled.  Therefore this cycle may repeat itself for another several days until the system including all the tinacos and pools are refilled and the water demands diminishes.

I will monitor the system and send another update later in the day.  The system is functioning as designed, with increased storage that provides water for longer than if we relied on just direct pumping from CEA.  The issue is the quantity of water being sent into the system.  Hopefully, with the water main, repaired, the delivery system will stabilize again.

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