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Sad news... | Caracol Assn Web site

Sad news...

One day in 1973, Irv and Alberta stood on the hillside of the Caracol overlooking
the Sea of Cortez and decided to build a home there where they could retire. 
They never regretted their decision and loved the culture, food, and especially the people. 
The three daughters soon had more "sisters" and "brothers" in Mexico as their
parents "adopted" more people to join their family.  Alberta passed away in San Carlos
on December 21, 1995. 

Irv went to join his beloved wife, Alberta, on September 2, 2015

Irv, who was known as Mister (Senor) Chicklet to many in San Carlos because of the
packages of gum he would give to people (as well as the $2.00 bills for good luck),
will be greatly missed.  He left a legacy of laughter, compassion, positivity,
friendship and wisdom for all that knew him. 

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