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Road Closure 6/17/16 | Caracol Assn Web site

Road Closure 6/17/16

Dear residents of the Caracol Peninsula,
Oh..Groan. Not again!

We are going to start a modification to the entrance.   To ensure that we don't experience a catastrophic wash out at the bottom of the
entrance, similar to what happened 4 years ago, some additional concrete is going to be laid at the bottom of the pavers on the
entrance slope.   We had hoped to leave one lane on the entrance open but it was logistically not feasible.  
We apologize for the short notice, but the availability of the contractor and type of concrete needed is driving the schedule.  
In short, we are going to reopen the old detour and provide signage to direct people where to drive.   The entrance guards
will be helping to steer people in the correct direction.  
This is all going to start tomorrow 6/17/16.   If everything goes according to plan, we can reopen the entrance on 6/30/16.  
We are paying for fast cure concrete to minimize the length of time we need to keep the entrance closed.   It is necessary that we
get this done now, before the rains come, and to impact the fewest people on the hill. It is being paid for by one donor for the benefit of all residents.

Below is the schedule of events.
As of 3 pm today 6/16/16 the plan is to:

Open old detour 
6/17/16 am and provide signage.

Guards to monitor detour entrance.

Dig up and haul away old rocks and save pavers 
6/17/16   Prepare grade 6/18/16

Pour cement 

10 days cure time

Open for business 

Close up detour, grade and haul in dirt and prepare for landscaping around entrance.

Juan Carlos Caballero will be doing the construction.
Cement will be colored, stamped and reinforced.
Pavers to be applied below cement to Hapkirk storage unit property line.               

Important information