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Caracol Annual General Assembly meeting | Caracol Assn Web site

Caracol Annual General Assembly meeting

February 6th 2020-Thursday
10:45 San Carlos Yacht Club
(Doors open at 10:15am)

  1. Welcome and explanation of the meeting process.
  2. Video presentation - Presidents report on the state of the Caracol.
  3. List of Board attendees and Declaration if Legal Quorum is available.
  4. Approval of minutes from 2/7/2019 General Assembly.

  1. Resolution #1 (red) To elect the Slate of Directors (speakers) and Officers for the succeeding 12 months until the next General Assembly Meeting Thursday February 4, 2021 to represent, direct and administer the Caracol Association and carry out all actions needed to improve the performance of the Association in accordance with civil code 2831 of the state of Sonora and Articles 32 and 35 of the By-Laws for the year.
  1. Resolution #2 (blue) to analyze and approve per Article 25-F of the By-Laws, the 2020
  2. Budget and 2021 Prospective Budget.
  1. Resolution #3 to grant Power of Attorney to the President and the Secretary of the Board of Directors.
VIII. Ratification of David Peralta as Association Legal Counsel.
  1. Resolution #4 to Designation to protocolize the Minutes of the General Assembly before the Public Notary.

  2. Resolution #5 to ratify and concur with the vote of the Board for the spending of a material amount of the Special Project budget to include a continuation of road paving below the entrance towards the Fruiteria which is outside the Caracol Peninsula property boundaries. Discussion and detail drawings to follow.

  3. Resolution #6 to research the current status of the ownership of the roads and in this case Regularize the streets that are part of the Caracol.

  1. Closing the General Assembly by verbal vote.


Open discussion forum to follow official meeting adjournment.


  • New Board Member Introduction.

  • Street lights

Caracol Newsletter

  • Thank you to David and Pat Jaksha for the coveted and informative Caracol New Letter.

  • Membership Drive. Pat Jaksha, Karen Searson and Deb Geisler.


  • Goals, projects and Clean-ups for 2020 season-Tom Reed.

  • Street Sign Project for 2020-Anne Lewis and Tom Reed.

  • Reminders and updates for Caracol Maintenance-Tom Reed.

  • Beach report-Art Lewis

  • Langosta

  • Master Plan Fund Raising for Langosta and volunteers to assist Thonda Oliver.

  • Camaron

  • Andy Winstrom update road work completion Camaron to Hipocampo intersection.

Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • Future maintenance volunteers and plan. Go-To-People regarding issues from guard house to road repair in the absence of Board members and committee folks. -Tom Reed.

2019 Social Calendar
  • 2020 Social Calendar by our volunteer Social Director’s Deb Geisler and Pat Jaksha. Need volunteer to help organize welcome back and beach gathering. See Calendar in your Annual Meeting packet.

Non-Member Caracol Resident Comment time:

Important information