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Beautification work 2017 | Caracol Assn Web site

Beautification work 2017

Wow! After several days of pre Project Day work, clean up at 4 sites of hurricane debris, was cut and cleared. AND THE BIG project for 2017 was the clean up and land /road refurbishing following the constructions of the front guard casita, wall, and road. Lovely landscaping, new signage, lighting and paint freshening was added to complete an overall welcoming and more secure front entrance for the Caracol. It is exciting how many people have worked together over the last 3 years to come to fruition. Monies from annual maintenance dues as well as personal donations supported the project. As you wander the Caracol, also take notice to our beach maintenance- thanks to the Lewis's, a new Pila garden, thanks to the Busse's and Sutton's, and 2 new street signs -thanks Thonda Oliver and Tod Klein!

From the 22nd! A shout out to our volunteers who provided physical labor, advertising, drove snacks, loaned tools and vehicles, and pre work:  Jeanne and Rex Baumbeck, Danny and Shari Bohlmann, Ken Geisler, Bev and Andy Winstrom and Marilyn, Mary and Tom Reed, Bette and Mike Makoid, Marti Starick, Billie Stevens, Dave Jaksha, Art and Ann Lewis, Dennis Sogn, Mark Brown, Ron Halverson, Pete Eddy, Jeff and Trish Jaramillo, Kent Keith and Marilyn Aldrich, Howard Lambert, and Pete De Wood.

Thank you to donors who adopted a worker- Jim and Rosina Straw, Barry Grant, Dean and Sandra Porter, Al Dodson, Jim Platz, Dee and Karen Searson, Shari and Danny Bohlmann, Jerry and Mary Lou Nelson, Don and Shelly Von Damme, Kathie and Jim Bowlin, and Hildegard Bruni.

MAJOR KUDOS to Clean up San Carlos and the Lewis's for getting the truck and front end loader  to finalize clean up along with their workers. This was all donated and tips given to workers.
Our 12 magnificent adopted workers who we could not have completed the work without!!

Thanks to those who donated funds to buy our beautiful plants, construct supplies and snacks.
Andy and Bev Winstrom, Mary and Tom Reed, Lydia and Jeff Chase, Mark Brown, Rex and Jeanne Baumbeck, Suzy and Rudy Barron, George and Grace Sutton, Anne Benty and Cari, Judy and Dirk Van Westreenen, Bill and Marti Starick, Bette and Mike Makoid, Dean and Sandra Porter and Jerry and Mary Lou Nelson.

The camaraderie and resourcefulness of our neighbors, friends and workers all pulling together make the Caracol a great place to call home. At the same time safety has increased and Realtors indicate there is increased interest  in showing homes, due to our improvements. If you have an improvement idea, contact a Board member,  come to meetings to share your idea, and attend social functions. Your ideas are important and can be the next great development!

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