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2021 Caracol General Assembly update
New budget was passed with similar operating expenses as 2020 with the exception of no specific capital improvement due to the lack of participation in the payment of Maintenance fees for 2021 Discussions have taken place regarding major road repair project and replacing the old Pila and increasing its capacity at some future time when funding becomes available.
Note: the 2022 annual meeting is scheduled as always for the first Thursday in February on the 3, 2022.

Minutes of this meeting will be posted as soon as completed and notarized.

Vince Hightower has asked not to be nominated for another term. Christine Castellanos (new to the Caracol) has volunteered to be secretary for the succeeding year.
Directors (speakers) and Officers for the succeeding 12 months until the next General Assembly Meeting to represent, direct and administer the Caracol Association and carry out all actions needed to improve the performance of the Association

  1. President – Andrew Winstrom #600
  2. Vice President-Art Lewis #604
  3. Treasurer – Karen Searson #433
  4. Secretary – Christine Castellanos #402
  5. Director/Speaker – Debra Geisler #601
  6. Director/Speaker – Thonda Oliver #491
  7. Director/Speaker – Tom Reed #356

Important information