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Caracol road construction | Caracol Assn Web site

Caracol road construction

Thanks you, to all of the residents that have supported the association master plan
for the installation of the adoquin pavers on the most heavily traveled and critical roads on the Caracol.

We are now moving into a new phase, where residents in adjacent areas can create
their own fund raising efforts to do specific sections of roads. The association will continue
to provide management and oversight to insure the finished sections are consistent
with the current pavers, and will provide future maintenance.

Neighbors wishing to install pavers on their roads must abide by the following minimums:
100 Linear meters ( two lanes 100 meters long), unless the new section is a continuation of current pavers.
If it is a continuation there is no minimum.
The allocated amount for laying pavers is $65 US Dollars per linear meter ( two lanes) of road.
This price includes materials, any special grading, individual water line replacement if needed, and larger areas for corners.

To get started, the association needs to know the starting and finish points for the work.
We will measure the section and calculate the number of linear meters so everyone
is in agreement with the scale of the work.
The association will coordinate with the residents affected so to minimize disruption during the construction.
The work will not be started until all of the funds have been collected by the association.

Payment for the adoquin installation is to be made to the association by means of check ( minimum of $500 USD) or Pesos.
Cash (dollars or pesos) is acceptable also.

In summary, if you raise the money, the association will take care of planning, material acquisition, and installation.

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