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Moon light cruise | Caracol Assn Web site

Moon light cruise

Join us on the Musicat catamaran on Thursday, Nov 6th for a full moon cruise.  We will be leaving from in front of the the Marina Terra beach club.  Bring your flip flops, because you will be carried out to the Musicat in a tender loading from the beach and your ankles will get wet.

Loading begins at 4:00 PM and we leave at 4:30 for dolphin watching over near Condos Pilar, then returning by Martini cove.  The trip is planned for 2:30 hrs, but could go longer if the crew ( thats you) demands it. The moon will be rising at sunset and should be high and bright during the cruise.   We will be returning and unloading at the same beach.  The cost is 200 pesos/person, and we need at least 15 people for the trip to take off as scheduled.
We need a body count by Tuesday, November 4th, so call Pat at 226-0027 or drop her an email at

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