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Board meeting

March 27, 2020 Board meeting
at Jerry Libo’s #402 on the Caracol at 10am

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Josh Douglas update

We have received a sad update from Maggie Douglas regarding Josh 's progress. Josh continues to be in ICU care at CIMA hospital. At this point in time, Josh has no brain activity. The hospital has directed that he cannot be removed from the ventilator. However, he will no longer be receiving medications, etc. but kept comfortable. Maggie has been so thankful for everyone's love and support throughout Josh's illness and asks that he continue to be kept in your thoughts and prayers.

At this time, the medical bills continue to mount. Even all the paperwork that needed to be done at the hospital was quite costly. We ask that contributions continue to be given through Thonda Oliver at Coldwell Banker. Any amount is appreciated. Over the last weeks I have received so many notes from people responding to the initial letter regarding Josh. All of them have related stories of Josh's love and generosity to his neighborhood and greater community. I wish I could relate all of them but this letter would be very long. I can relate to all the work on the water Pilas, sewers, and last summer he was the first to respond to the San Carlos Foundation and Commisario to donate his crew and equipment to remove many old rusted signs throughout San
Carlos. His letters about his crew at Christmas are full of love and respect and encouraging to everyone to give back to the community.

At this time we ask everyone to remember Josh's kindness's over many years. Please consider a donation to help meet the family needs at this time. Thonda and her team will happily help you at Coldwell Banker and provide a receipt of your donation.

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