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Board meeting May 29, 2019

Board Meeting Agenda
May 29, 2019
5:30 PM Thonda Oliver house #491 Langosta


New pila water transfer complete

The Caracol notified CEA that the switch over of pipes and pumps had been completed at the new pila this morning.  CEA allowed water to flow into the lower pila and began pumping up the hill.

They did so for several hours and then CEA turned it off again and diverted water to other areas in San Carlos. Nothing to do with our construction.  CEA is in control of the water to the Caracol again.
I don’t know how to say this but the ball is in CEA’s court.

Like I said, expect the best, plan for the worst, and
prepare to be surprised. 

Hopefully, CEA will return water to us again, soon. Read More...

New pila water shutdown

Hola, Amigos   Construction on the new section of the upper pila is nearing completion.  Once finished,  the new and old sections of the upper pila will function as a single storage system with new valving, plumbing, control system and pumps.
  We have tried to keep the water flowing as the construction of the new section was completed.  Installation of new piping and pumps means that we need to interrupt flow to the upper section of Caracol. Every effort will be made to minimize the time that the water flow is interrupted.
  We anticipate the pressurized water to Abulon will be off approximately 72 hours or less starting Thursday morning, May 23rd. This interruption is necessary to install a new pressure pump and plumbing.  We will keep you posted if anything changes.
  CEA continues to be responsible for providing water to the rest of the Caracol via their control of the lower pila water and pump during this time. We cannot control CEA’s lower pila pump/water schedule as much as we would like to.
  Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised. Read More...

Contact people for Caracol this summer

If you need help with some problem on the Caracol this
summer, here is a list of volunteers that have offered to help.

June: Josh Douglas,
July: Ric Gunderson,
520-307-9259 US 622-146-6709 Mex. can text.
August: Ron Halverson,
September: Mary and Tom Reed,
226-1231, land line, 520-288-2744.


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