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General assembly meeting 2/2/2017 | Caracol Assn Web site

General assembly meeting 2/2/2017

February 2nd, 2017
10:45 San Carlos Yacht Club
(Doors open at 10:15am)

  1. Welcome and explanation of the process.
  2. Video presentation - Presidents report.
  3. List of attendees and Declaration if Legal Quorum is available.
  4. Approval of minutes from February 4th, 2016 General Assembly.
  5. Treasure report for 2016 and 2017/2018 budgets presentation.
  6. Resolution #1 (red) to elect Slate of Directors (speakers) and Officers for the next 12 months until the General Assembly Meeting Thursday February 1st 2018.
  1. Resolution #2 (blue) to approve 2017 Budget and 2018 Budget Prospectus (exhibit #1).
  2. Resolution #3 (green) to approve Treasurer to Proceed with Tax Requirements.
  1. Ratification of David Peralta as Association Legal Counsel.

  2. Recommendation to register the Minutes of the General Assembly before the Public Notary. Vote yes or no-in a verbal count.

  3. Closing of the General Assembly by verbal vote count.

Open discussion forum to follow official meeting adjournment.

  • Beautification and Grounds Committee-Entrance and General projects

  • Master Plan Fund Raising for Abalon

Important information