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Board meeting

Caracol Association
Final Board meeting for the season
Thursday, June 25, 10 AM
Jerry Libo’s Lot number 402
In the spirit of social distancing )

  1. Greeting, call meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.

  1. Roll call-Quorum established.

  1. Approval of March 27, 2020 Board Minutes.

  1. Treasurer Report 2020 YTD actual vs. 2020 budget read by ?

  1. Membership update.

  1. Langosta road project completed.

  1. Hippo Campo extension completed.

  1. Caracol road below front entrance improvement project completed in excess of plan.

  1. Street light update from Mike Lane.

  1. #440 Kafka: Resolution to approve a Variance/Deviation from the 4.5-meter maximum height limit and subsequent Construction Project Approval for #440-Kafka. A garage with a second story bedroom only above the garage on the north side of their existing structure. The proposed structure does not exceed existing structure roof line.

  1. #565 Hammond: Resolution to approve a Variance/Deviation from the one-meter side yard setback and a subsequent Construction Project Approval to construct a less than a 110 square foot laundry room addition up to an existing south property line wall.

  1. Discussion on Guard training SOP’s for the new guard company.

  1. Adjournment Motion.

Post Board Meeting open discussion.

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