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Caracol Images

Welcome to the Caracol Pennsula Image page.

For years we have been collecting images of everything we can think of on the Caracol.
Volunteer events, meetings, residents, locations, repairs and building projects, etc.

We have finally started publishing the images on GrubHub which is a image repository.
It is available for viewing by any Caracol Resident. The images are also downloadable so you can
cover your walls, make a photobook, or use one for wallpaper on your computer.

Evelyn Fincham has agreed to be the curator for the Caracol Grubhub site.
She has spent a lot of time working on developing categories for the images.
She would welcome any suggestions that you may have to make access easier or help in locating images.
We encourage everyone to add to the archive.

Please email Evelyn to make
arrangements for uploading images.

Below are links to the Grubhub Caracol galleries
that have been set up.

These links will take you away from the web site.

Caracol image gallery