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Architectural Objectives

Architectural Objectives

The Architectural Committee’s objective is to develop a uniform method to evaluate construction plan compliance with existing Mexican law. As of September 17, 2004, the Architectural Committee is required, by law, to review and make recommendations on all building plans on the Caracol Peninsula to the Planning Control Urbano. The Committee has developed an outline of issues that we particularly review for compliance:

1 Side yard and backyard setback of at least one meter from property line.
2 Front yard setback of at least three meters which may be occupied by parking or garage or anything else appropriate which is not livable structure.
3 Height limit of 4.5 meters from the highest point of the occupied lot.
4 Obstruction of primary views of any neighbors but principally adjacent neighbors meaning to the side or rear or across the street. No new construction or remodel may partially or totally obstruct in any way the scenic view of an existing construction as referred to in Item #3.
5 Incursion into the street of any kind which modifies the natural gradient of the street. Driveway ramps into the parking area of any portion of the occupied lot must not change the normal slope of the street. Yes, there are several existing violations of this regulation but there will be no more. We have the promise and support of Planning Control Urbano.

A fee is payable at the time of plan approval to the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Impact Fee is stated in the Fees tab of website. The Architectural Impact Fee is used to mitigate/repair damage to roads from trucks going to and from site.

It is the intent and purpose of the Architectural Committee to assist the Architect, Contractor, Principal Engineer and owner in their effort to construct their dream. You have the opportunity to make the necessary corrections to your plans to comply with the building codes. The Planning Control Urbano will be informed of any outstanding deviations from regulations.

All approvals and deviations will be posted on the website.

Your cooperation is appreciated and needed in order to make the developed Caracol as beautiful as it was in nature.

Thank You,
Your Architectural Committee

Architectural Procedures

1 Have the property surveyed if it hasn’t already been done. Be sure that corners are distinctly marked with concrete and steel markers. The Architectural Committee cannot recommend approval of your plans without being able to verify your boundaries.
2 Contact a member of the Architectural Committee for a preliminary discussion. It is to your benefit as this is your opportunity to ask questions that could be easily resolved without any cost to you. (see OBJECTIVES)
3 Interview Architects and verify with them that they are aware of and agree to comply with the Caracol Building Codes. As of 2004, they are State law. The Association and Guaymas City cannot approve of any plans that do not comply with the Building Codes.
4 Interview Contractors and verify with them that they are aware of and agree to comply with the Caracol Building Codes.
5 Submit your Architectural Plans along with the Architectural Fees to the Architectural Committee.
6 If the plans are approved, the STAMPED copy will be provided to you.

If not approved, your Architectural Fee will be returned to you.

More Architectural Information
Caracol Building Codes (Spanish)
Caracol Building Codes (English)
Procedure for DRO (Director Responsable de Obra) (Spanish)

Control Urbano: Edifi cio Administrativo del Ayuntamiento, Calle 23 entre
Alfonso Iberry y Ave 16. Tel: (622) 222 4422.

For any questions regarding the construction and/or remodel of your home, please contact the Architectural Chair person
The Architectural Committee is required by Sonoran law, formalized in 2004, and also by the Association Charter (Chapter One, Article Five, G) to review construction plans before submittal to the Guaymas Planning Department (Urbano). If the plans are not in compliance with the Bylaws, the Committee will suggest ways to bring the plans into agreement with Mexican law. This provides a uniform method of evaluating construction plans for new construction or remodeling projects on the Caracol Peninsula.

The Architectural Impact Fee is established to help the Association defray the common costs associated with construction. These include repair of the roads caused by heavy trucks bringing material to or taking material from the construction sites, and other costs relating to maintaining the Association.

The Architectural Impact Fee was previously US $250.00. By resolution passed at the Board of Directors meeting on February 10, 2009, the fee for new major construction was increased to US $400 or 5,000 pesos.

Fees of US $400 or peso equivalent would be charged only on proposed plans of more than 90 square meters (about 970 square feet) of covered space. Plans for add-ons or remodeling of less than 90 square meters would be reviewed and if legal, approved at no charge.

The fee is due upon submittal of the plans. The fee will be refunded if the plans are not approved.

Any construction that does not require a building permit, such as uncovered walls or painting, will not be charged the architectural fee.

The Architectural Impact Fee goes to the Association’s General Fund.