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The following committees and its objectives have been created:
Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee’s objective is to develop a uniform method to evaluate construction plan compliance with existing Mexican law. As of September 17, 2004, the Architectural Committee is required, by law, to review and make recommendations on all building plans on the Caracol Peninsula to the Planning Urbano. The Committee has developed an outline of issues that we particularly review for compliance.

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Architectural Considerations
Evaluation of construction plans and compliance with existing Mexican law.Select here to explain the objectives and procedures to follow.

Utilities Committee

Establish and maintain an effective liaison with the San Carlos utility providers to procure continuity of services to the Caracol neighborhood.
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Michael Peiffer

Chair - 2012
622.116.6637 Mex Cell
Jim Busse 622.226.1872
Ken Geisler 622.226.1756
George Anderson 622.226.1975

Beatification Committee

Promote the community involvement of all residents in order to support the association and the enhancement of the Caracol neighborhood quality of life.

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Tom and Mary Reed
Mary at 226-1231

Road Maintenance

Procure effective and reliable services for the management, maintenance and performance of Caracol roads and access systems.
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Roger Stevens

Chair - 2012
622.226.2137 Mex Home