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Procedure for the Caracol Association Committee Program and Mechanism
The Caracol Peninsula Resident Association, in its goals to create a civic organization to protect the interests of all residents as it regards, safety, procurement and maintenance of utility services and community enhancements, has allowed the creation of volunteer committees to procure the performance of its goals. The Board of Directors will oversee the creation, control and administration of these committees, including the cancellation of any as it deems necessary

It is the mission of these committees to:

  1. Promote the civic and community involvement of all residents in order to support the association and the enhancement of the Caracol neighborhood quality of life. This committee will be called the Neighborhood Committee.
  2. Establish and maintain an effective liaison with the San Carlos utility providers to procure continuity of services to the Caracol neighborhood. This committee will be called the Utilities Committee.
  3. Procure effective and reliable services for the management, maintenance and performance of Caracol roads and access systems. This committee will be called the Road Management Committee.

Respond to any other needs as the Association’s Board of Directors deems proper.

The committees will be created with volunteer residents of Caracol. Each Committee will consist of a Chair and an Assistant. Upon initiation of a committee, a meeting will be held to elect a Chair and Assistant from the members present at the meeting. During this and future meetings, tactics and actions will be discussed and agreed upon to meet the objective of the committee. Any member and/or resident can join any committee by contacting the Committee Chair for the one they want to join.

The responsibilities of each Chair will include:

  • Solicit comments and ideas as to how to achieve the goal of the Committee.
  • Assign responsibilities to members.
  • Manage, control and perform activities to insure goals are met.
  • Report, consult and obtain approval from the Board as necessary.
  • Manage the Assistant to perform when the Chair is not available and other duties as required.

In the case of any concerns or conflicts within a Committee, the Board will have final say as to control, resolution or approval of any issue. The Board will appoint a contact person among its members to oversee the operation of each Committee.